OpenGL Mesh

Im new to OpenGL development. Im looking for libraries in C++ which I can use to create 3D mesh(as shown in the image attached) from “data” : [[0,0,1], [1,0,0], [2,0,0], [3,0,0], [0,1,1], [1,1,0], [2,1,0], [3,1,0], [0,2,1], [1,2,0], [2,2,0], [3,2,0], [0,3,1], [1,3,0], [2,3,0], [3,3,0],]}


In general, you cannot create a mesh solely from a set of points; you also need the topology (which points form edges or faces).

If the points are known to form a 2D surface and the sampling is sufficiently dense, you can often find a suitable topology which reconstructs the surface. CGAL has some packages for this.