OpenGL Matrix to XYZ rotation and back

I need to separate the x,y and z rotation components out of a matrix which contains no scaling factor. Therefore I found this website:

I tried to implement it that way, but when I use the three results to create the same matrix again, I don’t get the original matrix back - some values are (more than slightly) different or with inverted sign.

Probably I just did a mistake. If anyone can fix it out of this code:

		rotVals.x = atan2( m_fMVMatrix[9], m_fMVMatrix[10]);
		rotVals.y = asin( -m_fMVMatrix[8] );
		rotVals.z = atan2( m_fMVMatrix[4], m_fMVMatrix[0]);
		GLdouble mat[16] = 
		{	cos(rotVals.y)*cos(rotVals.z),		
			(cos(rotVals.z)*sin(rotVals.x)*sin(rotVals.y)) - (sin(rotVals.z)*cos(rotVals.x)),	
			(cos(rotVals.x)*cos(rotVals.z)*sin(rotVals.y)) + (sin(rotVals.x)*sin(rotVals.z)),	

			(sin(rotVals.x)*sin(rotVals.y)*sin(rotVals.z)) + (cos(rotVals.x)*cos(rotVals.z)), 
			(cos(rotVals.x)*sin(rotVals.y)*cos(rotVals.z)) - (sin(rotVals.x)*cos(rotVals.z)),	



it would be great!

ok - I got it - there were some comments on the website - the author did a small error. Now it works…

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