OpenGL + Math Book

Regarding my previous post “math-to-OpenGL”, I’d be interested to know people’s opinions about my writing a book on the subject.

I think it would be very useful to have a book that explains 2D and 3D math while providing runnable OpenGL code for each concept.
I would also distinguish in the code examples the difference between which maths are handled by OpenGL (such as glRotatef for matrix multiplication) and which have to be hand-coded.

Nevermind my question.

There’s a GREAT web resource with reams of pages! This resource explains basic to advanced graphics math, each math concept accompanied by the OpenGL function that performs it. It directly relates the math constituents to the OpenGL function’s parameters.

This will be an invaluable aid to a newbie like me.

There’s a GREAT web resource with reams of pages!

Do you mind posting the sources you was refering.

Could you send url of this web source?

Can you please post the URL, that you are referring to ?

Would u be kind enough to tell us the url of the webpage that u r talking about? Thank u in advance. :slight_smile:

why don’t you just wait until his book is released … :smiley:

I’m in desperate need of a good 3D trig/geometry tutorial. :-\

I’ve forgotten all my highschool maths and I’m trying to do some 3D programming.

I’m trying to rotate vectors around on a plane using angles and then finding the point where the vector head stops on the plane. Probably damn simple if I understood the maths.

All these web sites jump straight into heavy maths and they lose me before they have even started.