OpenGL MAME support

Hi all, I’m doing a little experiment with making OpenGL support a requirment for MacMAME. I have the MAME source and OpenGL SDK, if anyone can tell me what to do, please e-mail me at, and if you need to know, I know someone who is writing a Hard Drivin’ emu, and he said that it’s very unplayable, so I was left thinking if OpenGL can help it at all.

Please, I need the info!

What info do you need? Have you looked at how the emulator renders its graphics? That should give you some hints as to where to start.


I know how the graphics work, MacMAME uses plug-ins, so I think that writing an OpenGL plug-in should do the trick. Download it and see for yourself.

Your question is too generic.

If you want to do this as a plug-in then do you know how to right a MacMAME plug-in? or is that your question?

Then after that, do you know how to code in OpenGL? or is that your question?

Then, after you userstand OpenGL in it’s generic form, do you know how to get it to work on the Mac using the Mac OS API calls, ie sans the GLUT library? or is THAT your question?

But basically, to generically answer your question as generically as you asked it, this is what you need to do:
A) Learn OpenGL.
B) Learn how to Optimize OpenGL calls (or else it will be slow)
C) Learn how to do this using the AGL lib instead of the GLUT lib.
D) Learn how to write a MacMAME plug-in.
E) And this is the hard part, and is really up to you since this is the meat of your project. Deaply learn how MacMAME does it graphics at all levels of the graphics generation.
F) Figure out the best place to intercept the graphic commands and succesfully intercept them with your plug-in.
G) Figure out how totraslate those commands into OpenGL commands.

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