OpenGL makes my TnT freak...

I’ve got a Viper V550 TnT 16meg, and whenever i install the new opengl drivers for it, it makes my computer goto 640x480 resolution (this is anoying because im useto running in 1024x768) even when i decrese my colour as far as 256 colours, i still cannot get it to go hihger then 640x480. This isnt a problem for jsut me either, my friend mail him, he’ll tell you ( has the exact same problem with his TnT2 as well as with his other older graphics cards.

If there is a fix for this, or a way to fix it on my computer I’d really apreciate hearing it thanks.

One last thing, to older opengl drivers do work on my system and dont give me any problems. unfortinatly i dont have them installed or have the version of them written down anywhere.