OpenGL made game source?

Hi all,
was wondering if anyone knows where I can get some source code for a fully functioning OpenGL game?
I just wanted to flick through some code to see how people tackle certain issues as I’m deciding whether to use OpenGL for a big project soon or use a commercial game engine instead (i’d prefer opengl). Any game will do!

if u are looking for a commercial game u can check out the source code for old QUAKE from id software game (under the GPL license) and it uses OpenGl as graphics API.
but it will not help u much bcz it is written in C

u can find on net a lot of small mini-games based on GL .
but if u want to work on a big project or game it is better to use an engine (APOCALYX Ogre OpenSceneGraph Irrlicht… ) or a commercial one ( Torque, UnReal … )

I currently code OpenGL in C so I will definitely look at the Quake code! Thanks! However I’m looking for some smaller project games, I have a feeling the Quake code will be so advanced it might be over my head and therefore hard to learn from haha. Any other suggestions on games smaller than Quake would be much appreciated!
I’m trying to avoid using an engine as part of the project plan is develop my own engine (basic physics and alike) in conjunction with the game.

A modern example is one open-source RTS:

wich kind of game u are looking for ? an FPS an arcade or boards … ?
for a simple one u can check nehe tutorials or videotutorialsrock

Ummm, a game involving some physics and such would be good, so I’m guessing and fps or adventure style 3d game.
Thanks a lot for the rts and tutorial sites I will look into all of them!

I have created a number of video tutorials (>250) showing how to create your own OpenGL Game Engine. If you are interested in downloading the videos and seeing the source code visit my website.