OpenGL Logo

I didn’t know where else to post this, so I figured I’d just put it here.

I am working on a game-making program that uses (or rather, will use) OpenGL for the graphics.
I won’t say the name, because I don’t want this to look like an advertisement.

I’ve seen the about page regarding the logo, and it only seems to allow for use on websites.

I want the users to be able to toggle the display of the logo (along with some other relevant logos) during loading of the game. Since the about page doesn’t explicitly grant permission for this, I figured I’d ask here - some sort of a splash screen.

The logo would have to be put in the distribution files of the program (zip’s, tar.gz’s, SVN repository…) so that it is available for the program at load time (can’t display a logo that doesn’t exist on the hard drive!)

Why display the logo? I love OpenGL and I would like to enable the users of the program to display their affection for it, too.


Unless you’re a driver writer or OpenGL implementer (and you have a liscense) it looks like the restrictions are fairly rigid.

I think it is worth asking the Khronos group if they can arrange something for logos like “This product use OpenGL !” …

I already suggested to create new Logos for OpenGL 3, a year ago, for exactly that purpose.

But as many other things, the ARB didn’t even get this simple thing done. I don’t know why anyone should be enthusiastic about this any more (but please, keep up your good faith, we really need people that are not yet disillusioned).