OpenGL library

It all seems very well that you guys can talk about all of this openGL stuff, and have numerous websites containing information about it, with beginners sections and all, but no-one actually says where to get the libraries from!

I assume you have to pay for them, because otherwise I’m sure I could find it easily on any of the OpenGL sites. But WHERE do you buy it from? How much is it? Neither of those things have been mentioned on the tens of sites I’ve thoroughly browsed on the subject.


You are searching for something already in your hands. I mean, if you are programming under windows, the library is named opengl32.dll and you can find it in your system directory. With C++ you can use three header files gl/gl.h, gl/glu.h, gl/glaux.h. With Delphi there is a special unit called OpenGL

I think you’re looking for this:

Hope this helps,

Daniel Palomo van Es.