OpenGL library version

I don’t understand…I searched and searched and searched, and I can’t find an answer to a simple question: What is the latest OpenGL version which is supported on Linux without function pointers? In other words, starting at which version I need to load pointers? And if it’s not the same version on all Linux distributions, is there a way to check the version or is there a minimal known version? I didn’t see even ONE code example which mentions this. It just loads a 2.1 function without saying which OpenGL version needs the pointers…
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need function pointers for anything after OpenGL 1.2.

Read this for more information:

3.4. The libraries must export all OpenGL 1.2, GLU 1.3, GLX 1.3, and ARB_multitexture entry points statically.

[…] Applications should not expect to link statically against any entry points not specified here.