OpenGL library installation

I’m very newbies, i have see the official site of OpenGL, but i don’t know how to install OpenGL library under linux.
Where i can find the souce code of OpenGL library?

Thanks to all.

What kind of Linux system are you using ?
What is your display adapter (ATI, nvidia, other ?) - provide make and model.
Do you have X windows installed ?


I do not know that much about Open GL, though when you install Linux Mandrake Open Gl should install with it. Open a terminal and run ‘glxinfo’, if you get results I think that means it is installed. There is a command called ‘fglrxgears’ that will test your fps by bringing up gear renders and check them.

If you know that and have another reason for installing it, then this information might help. I am not sure if it is right, I think it is. If someone would reply and tell if the information I about to say is right, that would be good.

Open Gl generally is in your video card driver. What you install (when you manually install an Open Gl file, not relating to your video card driver), is an Open Gl graphics library. Then the Open GL version (1.2,1.3,1.4, ect.)that is in the video driver is installed and used with the Open GL graphics library. So the Open GL on the video card driver works with the Open GL graphics library that you install to the computer. So there is an Open GL graphics library and an Open Gl version that is shipped with the video card.

If you need to install the Open Gl graphics library then I think this is how to do it. You need to download the Open GL library. I think it is on the Open Gl website or there is a link to where you can download it. If it is not on the Open GL site then search for it on the internet and there should be something. There should be a readme that is with it, that explains how to install it. It should be pretty simple to install.

I have a Mandrake 9.1 with X windows
OpenGL is installed by default ?
There is a test code for OpenGL that expone the version of library ?

I am pretty sure Open GL is installed by default. If you run the commands in the message (‘glxgears’ and ‘glxinfo’) and they work I think that means it is installed. I think there is only one Open GL library released in the last years and that Mandrake 9.1 should have the newest. Windows Xp has the library and Windows XP is pretty old.

OpenGL can be present on your system already, but the default OpenGL implementation does not have the hardware support (which means it’s slow). I’m not sure if this is always the case, but they usually provide Mesa library which is software implementation of OpenGL. If you want to have fast display you will need a graphics adapter with an appropriate driver. That was why I was asking about the graphics card (make and model) that you have. Both ATI and Nvidia provide Linux drivers for their products, which gives you hardware accelerated OpenGL and some extra extensions.

My problem could be similar.

I want to code using the SDL and GL libraries using gcc.

I can download SDL but where do I download the GL libraries for linux ix86.

I have opengl on my machine (but I assume those are just the drivers for the graphics card), I am after the C header files and the accompanying source code, so I can develop OpenGL based apps.

When you install graphic card drivers from nvidia or ati binaries you should have the library and headers too. Well, I’m not sure about the headers, I don’t have my machine here so I can’t check. Perhaps the headers come with X windows ?
Anyway, you could run this command to find out:

find /usr -name gl.h

If anything pops up, you have the header files. On my machine those are in /usr/X11R6/include/GL/ directory.


I’m not positive but Mandrake may not install all the development files by default.

To make sure you have all of ‘Mesa’ installed try:

% su root -c “rpmdrake”

Type in ‘Mesa’. If any other Mesa RPMS are not installed, they should be listed for you so you can install them.

If you still unsure you can always try to locate the library or header file you need by doing:

% locate


% locate glut.h

I am looking for the source code and I could not find it at, neither an address where to write to asking the code.
Can you send me an address to get the source code?

Originally posted by tonyx:
[b]I’m very newbies, i have see the official site of OpenGL, but i don’t know how to install OpenGL library under linux.
Where i can find the souce code of OpenGL library?

Thanks to all.

Well. I have been trying to find glu.h library, but still I can´t. Can you tell me where to find it, please?


It doesn’t change much, if it’s not there just grab one online, but it should havebeen there with any distro that gave you gl.h in the same place. It’s part of the OpenGL ABI.

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I found a possible fix, at least it worked for me. glu.h was included in XFree86-devel package, downloaded and installed the rpm from Red Carpet over here. I hope this helps, as though I finally have the glu.h, it only managed to uncover more problems I Have to work through now.

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