OpenGL - Laptop - Linux

Hi, I am in the process of buying a laptop that must have hardware support for OpenGL under Linux. Most laptops today seems to some kind of ATI Mobility card and only a few of them an nVidia card (Dell D800) that colleagues of my have good experience with.

However the D800 weights over 3 kg and I am looking for a much lighter one (2 kg if poosible) with OpenGL hardware support.
Any good ideas out there? and if there are any please include an url to the driver.


I personally have an IBM Thinkpad T40. Its a great laptop, its light sturdy, runs great under linux and does everything I want. My model cames with the ATI radeon 7500 and I must say its not that good, my old geforce 2 mx did much better. I have seen other models that come with the FireGL and newer radeon models that should do better though. I know ATI gives out those drivers on there web site. You may want to look into a Thinkpad. Also keep in mind that they with centrino there are no native wifi support. Only emulators.

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