OpenGL is getting old!

I heard that OpenGL is not anymore supported
by Windows.
Last one is OGL 1.1.
I also heard that it won’t have a big future
because it’s old.

I’m very interested in learning OpenGL, so I
would really be happy if you could give me correct answers to the things I heard.

CU Douglas

Don’t believe everything you hear. OpenGL still has a lot of advantages over Direct3d. For instance, you don’t need to learn a new API every year or so… Many new features on cards are supported in OpenGL before they are supported in Direct3d becuase, in OpenGL, vendors can release their own extensions to take advantage of hardware support. In Direct3d, you need to wait until the next release, and then you may have a whole new API to learn as well.

If you want to learn OpenGL, learn it and don’t let anyone stop you. Most of what you learn in OGL can later be applied to D3D if you want to learn that as well. The latest versions of Direct3d have become very similar to OpenGL in many respects.

Where did you hear that?
I have heard that Microsoft will update to 1.2 the first quarter this year.

People that belives OpenGL is getting old are looking at the timestamp of the files from MS and thinks that this the OpenGL they are using. In reality is OpenGL updated all the time by the card manufacturers and this is what you are using if you have a 3d card.

OpenGL would already have won over d3d in a working market. On the net does it seems like OpenGL has an 10-1 advantage.

OpenGL has a big future but d3d will die without the MS support. (and perhaps even with that support.)

cool thing!
I’m starting to program
with OpenGL!

CU Douglas

You have find the very key to 3D world,yes,it is OpenGL and only OpenGL is!
Don’t give it up,you will find it fun and splendid.

Micro$oft’s D3D is just a piles of file,but OpenGL have been the Standard.

Guess what? Unix is over 25 years old. Is it going away? Nope, Unix is a solid operating system and will be around for a long time to come. Likewise, OpenGL is solid and will be around for a long time.

I will stick to OpenGL for several reasons: First, I need a cross-platform API. Second, OpenGL is easy to use. Third, It is fast, all leading graphics boards support OpenGL acceleration. Fourth, I refuse to support Microsoft in their quest to end all standards except their own.