Opengl Initialization Problem

Why the opengl window could not be created at out of the screen(desktop)?

There is no problem if i use PFD_SUPPORT_GDI.
But, PFD_SUPPORT_GDI and PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER flags are mutually exclusive in the current generic implementation. It means you can not use these two flags at same time.

1- create a window
2- move your window to out of the screen
3- create an opengl window as a child of your window (use PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER)
4- move your window to the desktop area

after these steps, i got a black uninitialized ogl window but if i use PFD_SUPPORT_GDI insted of PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER, everythig works well.

also everythig works if you initialize your opengl window in the desktop area with PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER flag.

during the initializatin of the opengl window, no any error occurs at out of the desktop area or in the desktop area.

is anybody know something about it?