OpenGL initialization on multiple monitors

I’m trying to figure out how to properly initialize OpenGL on multiple monitors && correctly get graphic card settings (hardware acceleration, supported extensions, … ).

I have one dual-head NVidia 7900, and the other NVidia 5200.
I’m using NVidia instrumented driver.

After creation HDC and HGLRC on primary monitor (nv7900) glGetString(GL_VENDOR), glGetString(GL_RENDERER) return correct information and everything is OK.
When the HDC, HGLRC is created on the 2. monitor (nv7900 with hardware acceleration turned on, dual-view) GL_VENDOR, GL_RENDERER return incorrect value, and HGLRC does’t support provided GL extensions.
When the HDC, HGLRC is created on primary monitor and moved to secondary monitor, drawing and hardware acceleration works fine.
When the HDC, HGLRC is created on primary monitor and moved to secondary monitor with NV5200 (or NV700 with disabled hardware acceleration), drawing doesn’t work the window is “frozen” without any errors.

Any idea, how can I correctly detect display device settings?

Nvidia recommends the “span” mode for highest performance on dual screen setup.

Never had problem with “span” or “clone” modes. But with “dual view”, it is another story. On some drivers you can select how to accelerate in dual monitor mode.

thanks a lot.
I just hope, the users will understand :slight_smile:

Do you know, how to select driver acceleration programatically?

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