opengl in xp

I keep getting BSOD errors in openGL games… the latest game ive played is Dues Ex (happens in other opengl games too) and have gotten the error rather often… i played it for about 3 hours the first time and didnt et a single error, then today when i was palying it (second time) ive been getting a BSOD rather often…

its normally a page_fault_in_non_paged_area in relation to the file nv4_disp.dll

ive tried a variety of different drivers and still get it… any ideas would be great?

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.4G (533Mhz FSB)
Mainboard: Gigabyte GA-8SG667 - SiS 648 Chipset
Memory: 512mb DDR PC2700 333Mhz Kingston (CL 2.5)
Hard Drive: Seagate 80G 7200RPM ata-100
Burner/DVD: Both LiteOn’s
Video Card: MSI 64mb GeForce MX440-T 8X (8890) - although in device manager it says its a 420
Monitor: 17" LG 700B Flatron.

ANY advice would be great… hell, if you’re using any of the things im using and have no stability problems, id love to know what drivers you’re using… thanks


Perhaps updating your motherboard drivers?

try going here , join the community then read on the 1st page about what the document does than download it!
problem solved

ive updated every driver that i can :stuck_out_tongue:

ill hbave a look at that link - thanks

i installed the new version of opengl and it seems like im getting a lot less errors… as a matter of fact, only one since ive put it in and ive played it for a few hours… im not going to say its totally fixed yet, as it might keep happening…

The error i got was a bsod with the file win32k.sys (ox8e) mentioned… which is an error i get a fair bit with gl stuff… cant seem to find much of a fix? any ideas?

nobody has any suggestions about the win32k.sys problem?