OpenGL in Windows but not in a window!

I have a question that I’ve been struggling with for about a week now. Where can I find information (or an example) on how to write a fullscreen OpenGL Windows application? I dont want MFC, I dont want a boder, a caption bar, an X box, nothing. Just a blank screen with a nifty cube or something in it.
Thanks -BwB

Have a look at NeHe’s first OpenGL tutorial at (“Setting Up OpenGL In Windows”). There’s all you are looking for.

All you have to do is to make a window without a border the same size as the screen and place it at (0,0). To change the resolution use ChangeDisplaySettings(&devmode, CDS_FULLSCREEN);

You could always use glut and call the function glutFullScreen(); which will put your app into fullscreen mode…

Take a look at Mark Kilgards glut pages, they will tell you more about it.

Hope this helps


I am currently trying to make a fullscreen OpenGL window. The user must be able to hit Alt+TAB to return to the desktop with the correct display res (not the app’s res). The window must appear in the taskbar, not iconified above the taskbar on the left. So far I have had intense trouble with this. I have tried GLUT, but glutFullscreen does not change the screen resolution. I have tried using DirectDraw, and could make a fullscreen window behave properly, but DirectDraw and OpenGL conflict (SetPixelFormat() fails or crashes app or my w2k system). I have tried nearly a dozen implementation combinations involving ChangeDisplaySettings and the window’s callback procedure. NeHe’s tutorials do not correctly handle the user hitting Alt-TAB to switch to the desktop.

Help!! Does anybody have source code that I could use? My window just needs to display in fullscreen, be able to change display settings, be able to switch back to desktop with desktop’s usual res, and window must have callbacks for keyboard input, mouse input, render updates, and display mode changes.

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