OpenGL in Win32(w/o GLUT)

Okay, okay I KNOW this question gets asked about every 2 minutes, but just exactly HOW do you create a Win32 window for OpenGL without using GLUT?
I’ve read through the ENTIRE Win32 SDK topic on it, pulled out all the examples(get a DC, choose a PixelFormat, set PixelFormat, Choose Rendering context, make rendering context current/not current), set them in the correct order, and THAT dosen’t work! I’m DESPERATE!
a full chunk of working code would be nice, since then I can see something that’s easy to understand…Damn you, Microsoft…Damn you…


Look over at
Hope they’re online though

Nope, can’t access it… could be the college firewall, though: it dosen’t seem to like the word ‘game’ for some reason. Can’t imagine why

It (the url) has no www in front of it ( If it’s the firewall, I would ask the administrator to allow that page, since it’s very interresting. The site is up, just tested it.

If your browser, and the firewall don’t do a reverse lookup, that might work.

Nope, already tried the IP address, and I know it hasn’t got a www.
Anyway all I wanted was a bit of code…

But, if anyone’s got his first(smallest) tutorial, e-mail it to me

Oh, & the ‘admin’ staff here have no control over the website: It’s all handled off-site, thru
Thanks for all the help though.

PS>> Anyone know of an alternate site(maybe a mirror: minus the ‘game’)???

There are LOTS of sites that have win32 example code on it. Just do a search on google, you will find plenty of hits.

Also, I think the FAQ has info on this, so you may want to check it out also. (FAQ link is on the main page of this site)

AHA!!! Thanks, everyone: got some(hopefuly) working examples, now…

If you use MFC, you might be interested in some simple classes that well integrate with MFC:

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MFC? Microsoft Foundation Class, right?
Never used it, & don’t intend to