Opengl in visualC++

please help, i have been trying for days to set up open gl on my windows xp, i have the newest version of visual C++, but i am unable to code in opengl, please tell me how to set it up. thanks


those web sites should be better than if i tried to explain it in this forum. start with opengl drawing your first triangle.

This works for me.
0. You need files gl.h, glu.h, glut.h, glut32.lib, glut32.dll, glu32.lib, glu32.dll.

  1. Mkdir a “glenv” directory, say, c:\glenv
  2. Copy glut32.lib to it.
  3. Mkdir a “glenv\gl” directory
  4. Copy gl.h, glu.h glut.h, to it.
  5. Assume MSVC.NET 2003. It changes a bit if you use .NET 2005 or MSVC 6.
  6. In your .NET shell, click Tools,Options,Projects,VC++ Directories.
  7. Add your “c:\glenv” directory to the Include Files and to the Library Files. You can add it to your Executable Files too, doesn’t hurt.
  8. Copy glut32.dll to your Windows\System32 directory. Your copy of XP should already have a copy of glu32.dll in your Windows\System32 directory, if not, copy it in too.

There’s more info on my course’s web page, in the “Resources” section. Good luck!

Hope this helps,


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