OpenGL in Visual Studio 2019 Community

Well, it’s possible that there’s a bug in the driver related to select mode. But my guess remains that you’re corrupting memory somewhere and in previous builds it either didn’t happen didn’t manifest.

My usual approach to suspected memory corruption is to port the code to Linux and use valgrind. But for a MFC application, that’s not a realistic option. Unfortunately, valgrind isn’t available for Windows and equivalent tools for Windows are either expensive or less functional (or both).

Assuming that it is a memory corruption issue, the source of the problem is unlikely to be anywhere near where the crash occurs.

We are experiencing an almost identical issue: OpenGL+MFC 3D graphics application written in Visual C++. Our application uses OpenGL 2.1 implementation. Everything works fine on a Nvidia or AMD GPU, but fails sporadically on Intel GPU (increasingly so, over the last few years, never before that). Both 32-bit and 64-bit implementations experience the same behaviour. When I debug in VS2017, I cannot get an OpenGL error, but I get the access violation in ig9cd64.dll.
I was curious if the OP had any progress on this issue in the mean time?

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