OpenGL in VB?

Can I do OpenGL in Visual Basic? If I can, please point me towards a good tutorial on the topic. Thanks

Many of the NeHe tutorials has VB ports.

Heres a tip, and I mean no offense when I say this, go and learn a REAL language! VB sucks for all but the simplest programs. If you want to do serious programming C/C++ are the way to go. There are other alternative too, but VB is considered more of a toy than a language.

hehe… programming OpenGL in VB is like driving a F1-race with a 37hp car (;

Why??? Oh that pain !!! Why???

Maybe the next ILOVEYOU Outlook virus will have cool 3D to entertain you while it erases your hard drive and forwards itself to everyone in your address book?

ok guys, I get the picture, thanks for the input.

To be fair, VB does have it’s uses. Testing COM objects for example. However, OpenGL is NOT something it would be well suited for.

VB is not a toy in hands of experienced professional. I’ve designed professional apps using ActiveX controls developed in VB and have been more than happy with the results. Of course, as with all programming languages, it has its strengths and weaknesses. If your looking to create the latest “cutting edge” video game, C++ is the better tool. If your looking to visualize some rather simple OpenGL scenes, VB does a great job.