OpenGL in Unix

Hi, I’m beginning openGL programming in Unix. I’ve decided to use C since OpenGL is not OO anyway. Does anyone know of any other libraries beside GLUT that I can use??


just because OpenGL isn’t OO, doesn’t preclude you from using C++.

check out X, Intrinsics, Motif, SDL, GLUT, GTK, and anotherone I know of, but the name escapes me… curses.


Thanks… on second thoughts, it wouldnt hurt to use C++ … I have the gl.h and glut.h files for NT, can I use them on Unix? Any advice??

Er, no. You’d best be getting Unix opengl for Unix =) they’re easily available. What flavour of unix are you using?


I’ll be using a HP machine to code … have to install the C++ library from scratch since they didnt pre load it … so I’m not sure if there is any area I have to take note of ???

So you’re using HP-UX, or some Linux distro, or what?


I’ll be using HP-ux … however, there are no ANSI C compiler installed … I’ve gathered that ANSI C compiler needs $$$ …
is gcc just as well?? An advices???
Is there any thing else I’ve to install beside a c compiler, OpenGLDevKit and OpenGLRuntime??

Unless you can find binaries for your particular architecture, I believe you may be out of luck in getting gcc to work, since in order to compile it, your first need a working compiler.

But maybe binaries aren’t so hard to find.


well, yer =) gcc is written in C, but you can cross compile. HP-UX gcc binaries shouldn’t be hard to find; and, no: gcc is free. Free in many senses.


Thanks => One stupid question, what’s the meaning of cross compile?? I’ve downloaded a copy of the gcc binary and a corresponding source file. Will try that first. =>


cross compile means you compile source on architecture A but generate a binary for architecture B. A binary file is, after all, just a collection of 1’s and 0’s; there is nothing stopping the compiler from spitting out machine instructions for another archictecture.

(mutters about setting up on new hardware by first porting the c compiler, yada yada)


I’m starting coding with gcc and opengl all d/l from the web free =P
hope that is enough …
Thanks all for your help =>