OpenGL in NASM

Hello everyone. I’ve been searching around lately for any resources, info, or exmaples on using OpenGL in NASM, but havn’t come across anything. So, does anyone have any examples or whatnot on using openGL in pure NASM assembly? Most of what I’ve found has been for MASM. Thanks!

Oh yeah, forgot to mention, that I’m not looking for anything very elaborate. I’ve looked at lots of MASM code, so I pretty much understand the basics of openGL through it, but it would be nice if there was some info on it in NASM (I dont really like MASM’s pseudo-high level syntax).

GLTorus example:

Necessary include(s):

Hi I download the nasm openg include but I need (Also for the gltorus example I need where I can find this one? :stuck_out_tongue: