OpenGL in mfc windows + Aero desktop composition

I have an mfc derived application which uses OpenGL
inside some mdi windows. With Aero desktop composition I
seem to get flashing graphics which don’t appear if desktop
composition is off.

For example if I go from a non-maximized window to a maximized
window then a temporary copy of the OpenGL window is flashed
up but moved up and to the left, along with some black areas,
before the maximized version is displayed. You can see this more
obviously if you stop in CView derived OnEraseBkgnd method.

Is there a way of telling Windows or Aero not to
do this or that its composited area for a given window is invalid?

I can supply a simple mfc project (with some OpenGL) to show the problem.

I have seem various other messages about similar problems but
without any solutions that don’t involve turning desktop
composition off.

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