OpenGL in graphical user interfaces

Dear all,

I’m a complete newcomer to OpenGL, and would like to use it to realise a graphical user interface for some surround sound software I’ve been developing. I’ve so far been trying a few things out using GLUT and found it (relatively) easy to understand, especially compared to some of the dedicated GUI APIs I’ve been looking at. GLUT seems to be very good for keyboard / mouse interaction, and I believe you can have pop-up menus as well… However, I guess its not really ideally suited for making graphical user interfaces - insofar as there are no predefined buttons, sliders, etc. Does anyone know of an alternative to / extension to GLUT that has some predefined widgets? I know that FOXGUI ( ) allows OpenGL frames to be mapped to a certain part of a window. The problem there is that without using GLUT I will lose all the handy mouse handling etc. not to mention the predefined solid shapes!

Can anyone help???


check out:

it’s a great pseudo-cross-platform UI builder; simple and efficient; included demos are helpful and best of all – it’s free

Cheers Quanza! This may be exactly what I’m looking for.