openGL in console

Hi everybody.

I have a little question. In a PC under Linux, ¿is possible to use openGL in a command line?. A environment without X (KDE, Gnome, etc).

I think games such Qhake2 are 3D and using C/C++ and openGL, I think maybe this are possible, but I am unsure.

Requeriments of Quake2

I anm searching if are possible make a 3D games (Quakes, Unreals, etc) using this way, whithout a GUI environment.


I think you are confusing things. C/C++ means that you compile your code to a binary file. You can run this binary either by double clicking the icon or typing the name of the binary at the command prompt (in a command line box window thing). This is possible on Win and Linux.

The alternative is to use a scripting language (no compilation needed) like Python.

The X Windows is necessary since you need to create a GL context using it. Secondly, the video drivers are for X Windows, at least I’m assuming.
Visit and and you’ll see it is listed like “this requires XFree86 version XXX or version XOrg”

No X windows means no 3D graphics unless someone has written a special driver.