openGL in C++

Hi all.

I’ve written a graphical user interface using openGL. All of the code for the GUI is in C, and it complies as a console application, creating an .exe file… This is great for debugging as I can print stuff into the console window. But now I’d like to connect the GUI to my program code - a VST plugin - which is all in C++. As you might have guessed, I don’t know too much about the ins and outs of programming, and I’ve pretty much fallen down at the first hurdle. As a C program, the GUI has a main() function, which gets passed argc and argv. As there is no main function in the C++ code of my plugin, I don’t really know how to integrate the two. Where do I start ???

Thanks v much for any advice,

Music Techonology Group
University of York

Just convert the main to WinMain. Winmain also provides parameter passing from console. You could also create a new console window and connect the stdio to it (since winmain doesn’t have a standard console window anymore, as main (console app) had)