OpenGL Impelementation Peformance Dependencies

This may be a dumb question, but here goes…
I know that OpenGL is platform-independent (except for the GUI package aspect) but what i’m wondering is, what kind of dependecies are there in the performance of an OpenGL implementation? i.e. what could cause a particular OGL implementation to run faster/slower on different machines/operating sys’s?

The big dependices is

  • video card
  • proccessor speed
  • other hardware (memory, AGP, …)

Some computers have totally different architectures like PC&Mac vs SGI and because of that different limitations.

I do not think that it depends much on the OS itself but the most popular will propably be most optimized.

A minor(?) difference is how much the implementation is allowed to change. On linux can everything be done. If nvidia wants to do the same on Windows would they have to ask: “Hey Bill, we are replacing opengl32.dll and put some new stuff in the kernel. OK?”

thanks for your reply…after some more extensive searching, i found some good information right here on this site, under the FAQ/technical/performance section…

u basically said the same thing…thanks again