OpenGL ICD for Rage Mobility

I recently bought a new laptop with an ATI Rage Mobility M1 8MB AGP video chipset, and I have not been able to find an OpenGL ICD for it. It’s an Acer TravelMate 600 and neither Acer nor ATI will provide one (I’ve asked). I know this chipset is similar in capabilities to a Rage Pro AGP so is there a workaround to get an ICD that will work on this chipset? I’m running Win2K Pro, Acer’s video driver and DirectX 8 is installed.

I’m only planning on running a few games on it, Q3A, etc. Unfortunately, most of the games I want to run on it are OpenGL and not DirectX.

You can try to get a 16-bit HW OpenGL installing WIN98 drivers for ACER 730 serie but I’m not sure it will work on your machine (after all they work hardly on my 737)