OpenGL - I am a beginner

Does anyone know how to implement the Visual Basic Type Library vbogl.tlb . This is the type library used for OpenGL with Visual Basic. I can implement it with Visual Basic 6.0, but cannot get it to work with Visual Basic .NET . I think this is because the type library implementation is different in Visual Basic .NET
Microsoft does seen to have any documentation on this type library (probably because Bill takes the “Plug DirectX” view as priority over OpenGL).

As my technical skill leaves alot to be desired I am turning to you people.

I also have another question: I have a graphics accelerator card. When rendering OpenGL graphics, does the OpenGL automatically use the acceleration features of the graphics accelerator card?

Please can anyone help

Thankyou in anticipation


Hi !

Typelibraries work a little different on .NET, but you should be able to get it to work, I am not sure how to do it, have never tried it.

But have a look at the MSDN documentation (, there should be some information about it there.

You could also check out and, they also have forums about .NET and they might eb able to give you more help.

Normally when you run an OpenGL application it will use the HW, unless you have set some options in the renderingcontext that isn’t supported by the hardware.

Use glGetString() to get the vendor information, this will be Micosoft for SW and something else for HW acceleration.