openGL HELP????

Is there any way i can find out WHAT version of OpenGL (if any) i am running? I use XP Pro on a PCChips motherboard with a SiS 650_670 Graphics chip built in, I have the latest driver from Microsoft dated July10, 2003

If you’re using Microsoft’s drivers… you probably don’t have OpenGL installed.

You need to get the drivers from the source:

However, I could not find where it says that SiS chips can run OpenGl or what version they do run. You may be out of luck.

(Scary thing is that the website talks about VESA 2.0 and DirectX 3.0. That should tell you just how much commitment SiS has to staying current. :slight_smile:

it is NOT that bad, the latest sis driver FROM microsoft, runs direct3d 9, and it passes all dxdiag tests. SiS has NO onfo on OpenGL on their site, isnt there ANY test i can use to find out???