Hi everyone, I’m new to these boards.
Anyway, heres the situation: I have a TNT2 ULTRA card and it is working pretty good except for opengl games like q3. My brother installed an opengl hack for counter-strike and now my q3 can’t work. Q3 boots me back to the main menu after 20 seconds after entering a server online or in singole player. It says “HACK: Vertex Lightmap Approximation” when i scroll up through the console. This problem only started happening after my brother installed the cs hack. I’ve tried removing the hack and reinstalling open gl off the cd, then off the internet by i still get the same message.
Someone please help, thx

OpenGL is basicly using two dlls:

  1. The dll from MS that comes with Windows. This is probably the altered file. It is on your Windows CD and on the MS site.
  2. The real OpenGL implementaion from nvidia that is called from the MS dll. Can be downloaded from nvidia.

I think this question has been answered before so you can do a search.