OpenGL Headers

Okay, I’m programming my learning projects in c++ via MS Visual Studio 6 (yeah that old) and was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can get all the latest OpenGL Header files so that I can use those instead of the ones from 95/96 which was 10 years ago. I’m pretty certain that there’s been a lot more added to OpenGL in 10 years, and thusly, I don’t wanna be building games/apps that are forced to start out 10 years older than everything else.

Check out the FAQ and coding resources:

In a nutshell you need to make sure you have the latest drivers from your IHV installed, include the wglext.h (Windows) and glext.h headers in your app, then load the extension procs by calling wglGetProcAddress (Windows).

Headers and extension specs are here:

Utilities like GLEW and GLEE can make the extension loading process much easier, but they’re not required.