OpenGL headers

I’m looking for the headers gl.h & glu.h, because the ones that come with nvidia, is still 1.1(I’ve already complained about it, and they said they would update the headers in a new release, which they obviously didn’t).
And mesa 3D also has some opengl headers, but it’s only version 1.3, and i’m tired of adding functions to my opengl headers(because my library is version 1.5 if i’m correct).
So does any one have an idea where I can download the latest OpenGL headers(or atleast 1.4)?
Thanx in advance,

If you are programming on MS Windows, download glext.h and include it to your project.

However, including the header is not enough to call the commands which are defined in higher than v1.1.

You can easily find how to do it from here and other web resources.


Hello songho,
I’m not using Microsoft Windows(i’m using linux), and i’m aware of the fact that most of the functions can be found in the OpenGL extension header(s).
But I prefer to just have the gl.h and glu.h headers with all the 1.4( >= ) functions.

You still should use the glext.h header. Just define GL_GLEXT_PROTOTYPES, then you’ll get higher OpenGL versions and some extensions directly defined.

But you also should be aware of the fact that when you use this method, your app will just refuse to start or crash when the target system lacks an extension or has a lower OpenGL version then you have, and you get no chance to output a meaningful error message, let alone use a fallback path.

The extension loading mechanism is there for a purpose, not only because Microsoft doesn’t update it’s DLL. You shouldn’t directly link to post-1.1 functions even on Linux.

Ok, thanx for your advice.