OpenGL headers are gone

Off a fresh full package install of SuSE 7.2 pro, there are no OpenGL or GLUT headers anywhere. Where could I download just the headers? Could someone maybe send them my way. The libs are here, and other OpenGL apps work, but I can’t compile anything.

  • Mik Mifflin
    dogansmoobs at ctel dot net

most distros (Debian, Mandrake, Red Hat) put out “devel” packages for developers.
(ie the “Mesa” package contains just the runtime libs, but “Mesa-devel” contains static libs, headers, etc).

Maybe you should look for and install the Mesa-devel package for Suse?


I had the same problem with Suse 7.0 Pro (full development install). However I didn’t intalled the source of the packages. What I know now is that the source of MESA contains the OpenGL headers, so you must install it or download MESA from .I dont know if there is the same problem with other distros or just with Suse.


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