opengl hardware rendering problem

This is a repost. Unfortunately it looks like I posted initialy in the wrong forum. Sorry.

Video: MX440

I tried alot of things and most basic troubleshooting like reinstalling drivers after properly removing nviodia drivers, registries and anything I could get my hands on. Even after friesh install when there was nothing left of old drivers it wouldn’t work. Any application I run either runs in software rendring using opengl32.dll or fails to start because software rendering is out of the question. Any test for v1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 2.0 fails.

I belive some other application that I have installed and havn’t uninstalled properly is somehow interfering with normal operation of nvidia opengl drivers. I KNOW drivers worked. But what happened?

I used OpenGL Extention Viewer to give you a hopefully clear picture of what’s happening:ℑ=xtenView1.jpgℑ=xtenView2.jpg

this is the extension viewer report of the situation:

No Hardware support
You current desktop configuration DOES NOT support OpenGL Hardware Accelerated.

No compiled vertex array.
This may leads performance loss on some applications

No 8bit palette texture support.
This may leads performance loss on some old applications.

No multitexturing extension.
This may leads performance loss on some application.

No secondary color support.
Some applications may not render polygons correctly.

No S3TC compression support.
This may leads performances loss on some applications.

No Texture Edge Clamp extension.
This feature enables an important DX6 feature for texture mapping. Some programs may not renders texture correctly (black line on borders)

No vertex program extension found
This feature enables vertex programming (DX8 Vertex Shader) Some for actual or future OpenGL programs may requires this extension to run.

No Fragment program extension found.
This feature enables per pixel programming (DX9 Pixel Shader) Some for actual or future OpenGL programs may requires this extension to run.

Few texture units found.
This would slow down some applications using Fragment Program or extensive texture mapping.

Are you saying that NO OGL apps could run in HW acceleration? What about D3D apps?
[edit]: never mind what I said…