OpenGL, hardware dependent???

It really drives me mad! My project appears different on different computer.

For example, I use the two-way approach to achieve constant color highlight effect. It work fairly well on my machine, but a mess on some other computers. I also found that some bugs in OGL code that usually lead to wacky output are ignored on some computer.

What on earth is it? Please help.

Thanks so much in advance.

In the OpenGL spec, there are many cases where behavior is undefined, especially when features are not used correctly. That means that an implementation is free to do whatever it wants in some circumstances. This is why “bad OpenGL code” can produce different results on different machines. However, a well-coded application should produce the same results everywhere (provided that the settings are the same (eg color depth, zbuffer precision etc…)).

Hi Dong,

I did see your POOL3d game. Its awesome. It worked pretty fine on my Comp. The sound ,the display and every thing jus worked fine.Except for the display changed to 60 hz. It didnt bother me much. I kept on playing the game…