OpenGL hardware acceleration, Direct 3d hardware acceleration

Hey, I’m new to this forum and website…I’m working on trying to get Step Mania for my computer. If you know the program, you can use it for playing games like DDR (Dance Dance Revolution). Okay anyways, downloading went fine, but I’m missing 2 things. The 2 things I’m missing are OpenGL hardware acceleration, and Direct 3D hardware acceleration. I’m not a computer whiz, so can somebody please tell me where to find and download these files… and then what to do?.. Thanks.

You need to determine who made the graphics board or chipset in your PC and go to their web site to download their latest drivers which will typically included 3D accelerated drivers for Direct3D and OpenGL.

Check your Windows Display Settings control panel and see if the name of graphics board vendor is listed on the Display Adapter tab.

If in the same control panel you find that a generic display adapter is listed like “VGA” or “PCI compatible display”, then you will need to install or re-install the drivers that might be on the CD that came with your PC.

You might also find that your display is in too low a resolution, like 256 colors or less, in which case all you need to do is change to higher color depth to make the 3D accleration support available.