OpenGL, Half-Life, and ATI Rage 128 PCI

I can run HL in software and d3d mode, but not opengl. please help me i get so few fps it’s awwwful!

I have installed the very latest drivers from, i have directx 8, i have run glsetup ( Why doesn’t it work? What is my problem?

I have the same problem. I cant openGL in my counter strike game eithier. If anybody knows how to fix this problem please tell…

I have the same problem that you with Geforce2mx 100/200 . Have you resolve this problem ? Can you help me

me too i cant play dod cs or hl in opengl mode

FFS i hav exactly the same problem, its SUX on d3d mode… THE PROBLEM IS SUMPTHING TO DO WITH OVERFLOWS!!! wot ever that means??