OpenGL guide 2.0

I am really interested in OpenGL shaders, and my question is, does the new OpenGL guide also explain shaders, or do I have to buy a seperate book for that? I already own the OpenGL 1.4 guide, is it worth buying the new book(for me it certainly does if it completly describes the shader functions)?

Take a look at the book More OpenGL Game Programming:

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Shaders
Chapter 3 - Low-level Shaders
Chapter 4 - The OpenGL Shading Language


I gues I’Il just buy this book:…5Fencoding=UTF8
Since the reviews looks promosing(and I already own the redbook, and that book pwnz), and it goes in to great depth and some less OpenGL related things I missed in the redbook.

I guess it’s a good choice if you really need a book about GLSL and since many examples and tutorials are on the Net.

The Red Book for 2.0 is not a good way to learn shaders. Much better to go with something like this:

I’d say the Orange Book is a good way to go, then there’s the ShaderX* stuff and the nvidia GPU Gems, all great stuff.

Thank you for your advice.