OpenGL & GUI ?

Hi !

What could be the most popular lib to create and manage GUI in an OpenGL program ? Our main need is that we’ll have to create additional GUI graphical elements if those proposed by the API doesn’t satisfy our client ! (Different buttons etc…)

Would “GLI” be a good choice ?

What are you using ?
P.S. I can’t use Win32 or MFC or any other “MS-Windows-like” GUI lib !


QT is undeniably the best multi-platform GUI and supports OpenGL totally. It’s very easy to learn and can be recompiled to work under Linux/Win32/Embedded etc.

If you want to use it for a commercial application you have to purchase a license but for non-commercial use it’s free.

Check it out at


Doesn’t QT cost like $2000 or $3000 for Win32?