openGL Graphics card Question

Hi all,

I am curious about something, am I correct to believe that ALL graphics card in the past 10 years support OPENGL technology? OR is it just the new / medium/high end graphics card supports OPENGL ?
I know some may think its stupid question but I would really like to know, thanks :slight_smile:


speaking for AMD, all the 3d graphics card in the last 10 years come with openGL support.

Pierre B.
AMD Fellow

PS: AMD has a line of 2d only graphics card as well (FireMV), where opengl acceleration might not be available. in that case, you might just fallback to the software implementation from microsoft on windows.

The latter is most definitely false. However, to the former…

You might clarify your scope and your intent.

Do you mean all PC pop-in “traditional pipeline” graphics cards (GPUs)? What about Macs? Do you count integrated GPUs (on-the-motherboard)? Are you talking graphics hardware on luggable game consoles? Graphics hardware on hand-held/portable game consoles? Custom ray-tracing accelerator cards?

For the first half of this list, the answer is pretty near everything. Toward the end, I don’t know for sure, but I doubt it.

For instance, PS3. It doesn’t have D3D. It has OpenGL, but I gather that for the best perf, gamedevs talk directly to the hardware.

Perhaps if you clarified your goal in asking this question (which hardware you’re concerned about supporting), we can help you answer that specifically.

Referring to the IBM Personal Computer, in the past 10 years. The GPU would be compatable with AGP/PCI/PCI-E expansion card. I would like to know IF all GPU which supports the above have openGL or not. No interest in console systems such as the PS3, XBOX, Nintendo Wii or Mac.

Mac is not a console system. Modern Mac had same hardware as any other PC has.

does that really matter? You know the question what I am referring

You may be able to find a card from some mom-n-pop vendor years ago that doesn’t support OpenGL, but I don’t know of one off-hand. The market now is mainly NVidia, ATI/AMD, Intel, and those support OpenGL. Got any other vendors you’re interested in?