OpenGL Graphic Cards

If you want to buy an new graphicscard with support for OpenGL for PC you have to dig through many shops. To question in shops which graphiccard support OpenGL and in which version it does, you get mostly dumb faces. On each Box you can see the support for direct x verson xyz, but try to get infos about OpenGL. Would be nice if there would be list of actual cards on or new cards would be listed in the news. Would make the buyers choice much easier, for my opinion. If there exists something like this , I haven´t found it yet! The list of the members of the arb, isn´t helpful alone, because the info about the opengl support isn´t always listed by the companys.

You could check out -> 3d hardware info -> full report to see OpenGL feature & version reports on a huge selection of cards and driver versions.

If you want to start serious OpenGL coding you get yourself a Nvidia Geforce 6600 or 6800. With the latest inofficial forceware drivers 75.xx you get OpenGL 2.0 (yeah!).

The Radeons up to the 9800XT cant fully support OpenGL 2.0, not sure about the X800 tho.

thx. great Info. But you have to admit it is sad, that you can´t find such an info on this side directly.

Having the info here would be nice, sure.

But OpenGL is a standard and has no means to check every driver version from every OpenGL licensee.