OpenGL glut window repaint problem

Hello opengl developers…

why the glut mainloop stops the display callbacks when keeping the mouse button down? this causes a ugly window… even if register the timer callback function for 1 sec delays the glut does not call the timer callback… it seems that the glut system stops working when keeps the mouse button down and resizes the window…

is there some trick to handle these situations… because this causes a ugly window… Testing same behaviour with a windows console, the console forces the window repaint after ~1sec and corrects the screen… why glut stops event prosessing?

can anybody help with this, or give some advices why this is happening…
the glut version is 3.7.6 for windows 2000.

GLUT does not stop updating the window just because you are holding down a mouse button, it may stop updating while you are resizing a window, this depnds on your OS and settings.

You could mess up if you have a callback for mouse clicks and you do something stupid in there, all callbacks are running in the same thread as the one that repaints your OpenGL contents in glut.


Thanks for reply.

Why the windows applications can handle the resize events correctly? i mean the window is repainted OK, no ugly non repainted rects are shown?

do a little test… run one windows console and one opengl window. but the opengl window behind the console window in limmited mode, so that you can toggle the windows to fore and back.

There is also one repaint problem, the opengl window gets partly the console output? because the opengl window is not repaint itself. when the opengl window is changed or moved it repaints itself.

The windows console window does this automatically, it forces the repaint after
~1 sec and corrects the window screen to be OK. i mean that the output what the console has is shown, not a parts from opengl window.

has anybody else mess with opengl repaint problems? i really want to do some graphics with opengl but this problem is not funny…

BR, tomi