OpenGL, GLUT on Vista 64, Visual C++ Express

I had a small program OpenGL, GLUT that worked fine on my Windows XP machine in Visual C++ Express. Copied over to my Vista 64 laptop and now compiles OK but I get a “glut32.dll” not found when I try to run it. Is there a good website or tutorial which explains how to get OpenGL/GLUT running on Vista 64. What do I need to download etc… ??? Does anyone have some sample OpenGL/GLUT code that works for them on Vista / VC++ Express? What did you specify in VC++ and what files need to be in what folders?

GLUT doesn’t come with your C/C++ compiler. Get it here:

Just copy the .dll to your program’s directory.

btw, if your program is 32-bit, then it shouldn’t matter what OS you’re running.

I tried your suggestions, downloaded a fresh set of GLUT files from your link, and yet I still get the runtime unresolved. Very strange. Are you running VISTA for your OpenGL applications? I’ve never liked VISTA and though OS should not matter, I don’t trust it. Like i said, the exact same code works fine on XP.

Very frustrating…

Actually, the link mentions recompiling GLUT source for some machines. Does anyone know how to do that? I think it might need that, since when I try to run

regsvr32 C:\Windows\System32\glut32.dll

I get an error. I also put it in the program directory, but maybe the dll does not work as is on Vista and needs to be built on the vista machine?

Copied over to my Vista 64 laptop and now compiles…

Are you compiling a 32-bit or 64-bit program? You never said. Those dlls won’t work a program compiled for 64-bit.