OpenGL /GLUT in Kylix (=deplhi on linux)

as a last year student, I’ve got to write a program that uses a hardware-3D-VideoCard to calculate texture mapping on a 3D-grid.

Question: as my program is written in Kylix- which is a Delphi-clone on Linux- what do use: openGL or GLUT?


GLUT is just a way to init Opengl on different systems, i also can handle menus, keys and timing (afaik), but it doesn’t replace OpenGL. So the choice isn’t about OpenGL or GLUT, it’s rather about using GLUT or your own routines for the window management and init. Opengl will be used in either case

Mazy is right. You just need GLUT to “hook” the OpenGL API into the OS. You put your OpenGL renderings into a GLUT window. You can also use GLUT to query the OS for display info,time info,etc… Check out this page for GLUT functionality.

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Just curious,

I use delphi myself for all programming,
at work and at home. Why do people use
glut on it,I can understand using it in
mvc where window creation is a bit more
(only just) complicated,but in delphi all
you need to do is create your pixel format
descriptor on the OnShow… event. Why make
life harder for yourself by relying on a
third party piece of software? Sure most
demos use it but its easy to work out the
event stuff and put it in the relevant
delphi event handler etc.