OpenGL & Glide3

ok…i have a program in builder 4 and it works great inside the environment, but when i compile it and run outside the environment, same machine, i get a glide3x.dll error…is there a way to load opengl32.dll directly and not use glide or something or is there something i am missing?

I think you have you have something wrong in your system if you get that error. I assume you have a Voodoo card. If so you can always try updating your drivers, maybe the Glide3x.dll file was lost somehow? Voodoo drivers relies on Glide for OpenGL support AFAIK. If you currently don’t have a Voodoo card you should make sure you have uninstalled any old Voodoo drivers.

Do you have a Voodoo2?
Some month ago I had the same problem, not only with my apps but with quakeIII, etc…
I think this is because the latest glide drivers have a bug…
I suppose that when you use games or demos that use glide2 all goes right, and the driver displays a metallic 3dfx logo, ok?
I solved in this way:
I downloaded the latest (A) and the previous (B) archive of drivers. I overwrited some file in A: take glide3x.dll and fxmemmap.dll (not sure about the name, something similar) from the archive B and put them in A. Then install normally the drivers of the modified archive.
Now when using apps with glide3x (and opengl of course that uses it) the logo isn’t that metallic but a green one.
Hope this can solve your problem.