OpenGL = glide 2.x?

In the new game Operation Flashpoint, there are 2 video options. Direct3D and glide. Since D3D isn’t as good in games as OpenGL, I wanted to use glide, which I thought was the same as OpenGL. But it gave me an error saying you are using glide 2.x. Please upgrade to 3.0. what does this mean?

Glide is not the same as OpenGL. Glide is for Voodoo cards only. So if you want to use Glide, you better buy yourself a Voodoo graphics board.

Glide is indeed for Voodoo cards only. DirectX is better than OpenGL in SOME areas, and it depends on the game. Most of the time OpenGL is used because it’s easier to smooth textures and it renders faster, plus it doesn’t take as much code to perform a task compared to DX. However, in the game you’re talking about, go with D3D. Glide is no longer being updated and is outdated. DX 8 (if you’re running a new nVidia board) has some really cool features that make games look great. Besides, why would anyone want a Voodoo card other than a paperweight?

Thanks for your help guys. I have an ATI All-in-Wonder 16MB PCI. Not the newest thing, but it does all of the Half-Lifes with enhanced graphics at 1024x768 great. I think its slow in Flashpoint because a 700MHz processor is recommended, and I only have a 500. If I turn down some of the CPU eating options, I get an acceptable framerate.