OpenGL Getting Started

Hi All,

I want to learn about OpenGL. I bought the “red” and the “orange” books.

I will be using Windows for now and I own the Intel Compilers.

I have questions:

  1. Where do I get the OpenGL 3 SDK?

  2. Does anyone have a sample Make File for use with the Intel Compilers? I dont quite know how to set this up right now.



The official OpenGL SDK is over here

But also visit your hardware vendor’s developer site for their latest incarnations. Both AMD and NVIDIA for example have SDKs brimming with OpenGL specific demos, white papers and tools.

Be sure to check the wiki here for other tips on getting started with various platforms.

I see the SDK site and I was hoping for an all-in-one SDK, so I am confused as to what to download.

You mentioned hardware vendor, I have a Lenovo S10 netbook and I believe it has an Intel Mobile 945 Express video card. I am googleing and finding nothing that makes sense to me.


So I did a bit of digging around over at Intel’s site. They don’t seem to have a graphics SDK per se, but there’s quite a bit of info to be had (not necessarily all in the same place)…

Anyhow much of what you’ll find at AMD or NVIDIA applies equally to GL in general, save for any vendor-specific extensions that aren’t supported by your particular board.

Hope it helps.

for easier use of opengl extensions you might want to try glew