opengl games don't play at all help help

when ever i boot it goses to a gray screan and then my system looks up. it happens in all gl based games. please help.

I have the same problem…any game that requires open gl just freezes.
i have a p550 leadtek geforce 2 MX sounblaster Live!
iv tryed every driver and still no luck

i have a 500mhz k6-2 and a herc mx2 and a Awe 64 Value SB. I have tried every thing too and drivers.

yeah i get the same thing with q3,but only with my TNT2 m64 never used to happen with my voodoo banshee.if anyone knows pleeeeeze email me at taa.

I had the same problems, I have an FIC va-503+ mobo with a 550mhz k62 and a Hercules GeForce2 mx. The solution for me is lenghty but I posted my fix at this website address:

My sys works now. Maybe you have a VIA chipset like I do.

Live well.


ABEL YOU ARE MY NEW BEST FRIEND************************ listen to what he says because I can finally play opengl games again and I will finally be able to play Tribes 2 (can’t stop drooling) That was the best advice ever!!!

Yea i didn’t post it but it fix my problem to i think we all need give him are thanxs. Thank you thank you.