OpenGL Game OS

How about building a new game os? An OS only built to play games on. Using OpenSource and all that stuff. Outperforming both Windows and Linux in framerate… Then implementing a “directx” look alike media library and opengl. Making it easy for developers to build games for this os… anyone feeling up to it?

i think it is not neccessary because of windows… and there is also beos?

There already exists gaming consoles which merely does that. And if you want something in the middle between consoles and PCs, there is the XBox.
Though either way there is not really OpenGL.

Sure there are working platforms… but have anyone of you heard about TCPA? That **** will kill the free gamedevelope market! You can’t run your home made game on windows (in the future(say 4 years)) without a special encrypted serial from microsoft. And that sux… and please don’t tell me that anyone of you can program software for the XBOX. And now I’m talking about real programming. Sure there are always leaked versions of Xbox XDK, and mod chip. But give me a break!

According to this the TCPA will be in the hardware… your os wont even work…

Btw: the leaked xdk wont help, TCPA wont let you use it…

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If you can’t develope your own OS with the new TCPA hardware, then what whould happend to the unix world. And what about old versions of windows … wouldn’t it be possible to run them on new computers? A new game OS or similar is the only way to keep free gamedevelopment alive… TCPA will kill it.

I have a better suggestion. Make sure that TCPA stuff never happends.

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That’s what the article was about… no free software and no freedom… don’t worry the US government will never allow anything that infringes so heavily on personal privacy and capitalism to slide…

I wouldn’t be too sure about that so long as people don’t raise their voice about it. Unfortunately way too few people know anything about it. I didn’t know anything about it until just a few days ago. Quite scary stuff actually.

There have been quite a lot of talk about that on slashdot, and also what companies, government and people are trying to do to stop it.

Simply look at the archives. And and don’t forget to keep complaining about this crap!

That’s a job for US citizens really. I’m not in any postition to start bullying the US congress.

Oh and btw: they really should have broken MS in court. Those sick bastards.

Wow! I have always dreamed of this.A CPU with a built in Police-Department-Unit(PDU ™).Finally someone will stop all those crazed,anti-social kids from writing their own software thus stealing money from great,nice,big companies.
The day people support this kind of thing by paying for crippled CPUs is the day I’ll lose the last bit of faith in the human race.Of course I’d be rather surprised if enough humans capable of thought can be scraped together to stop it from happening.Especially if you rely on the US(or any other) government to do it for you…

Let me translate a post I recently made, summarizing my vision of TCPA cough enhanced future:

  • hobbyist programming is made impossible (because self made programs can never be certified)
    ->freeware dies
    ->nobody will be able to even learn programming
    ->new programmers have to be trained from zero in bulk certified corporations, instead of learning the trade at home/school/university

-the games industry dies
->the hardware industry dies
->the remaining software industry dies
->voila, the PC industry is dead

sarcasm on
->Micros~1 dies a few years later, without third party virus scanners their glorified typewriter/outburst excess/color monitor becomes unusable

-thirty years from now we’ll be working with abaci, pencil and paper
-forty years from now the TCPA will be scrapped
-42 years from now the first general purpose PCs will ship
-65 years from now the PC industry will be back at the early nineties level

Exxtreme’s reply:
You could still code programs if the IDE comes with kind of a virtual machine or sandbox to run them. Your code would run in the VM without affecting the rest of the system.

My reply:
Affecting the rest of the system?
Like reading, creating or even modifying files?
Accessing networks?
Accessing hardware directly? Ok, this one I can live without, but aren’t hardware drivers supposed to only serve certified apps?

Hello World … great.

Next you’ll be telling me pens have been banned.
Don’t worry about it - it will never happen, because if it did then India would become the new silicon valley, and I hardly think the american economy could stand that.

As someone already pointed out, slashdot has been discussing TCPA and trusted computing for a while.

Just today, the topic popped up where RMS discusses the potential ramifications. Check it under the topic:

Your Rights Online: RMS Urges Opposition to “Trusted Computing”

Still although something like this will propably not happen it is rather interesting(rather frightening) to see what hopes some people have for computers.And a watered down or otherwise mutated version of this ‘virus’ might be viable in the future.

There’s nothing to worry about. Crippling us like that would effect the computer industry to much. We are the computer industry, and if push comes to shove, we win because they don’t profit without us .

Then why don’t we completely change the entire game indutry, we all knows that the prices for good (and very often BAD) games are way to high. If we are the developers of games for that industri doesn’t the power resides in our hands, I say: Build a new game OS. Gamers shouldn’t have to pay enourmous amount of money for OS license, just to be able to run the already outragious overprices games. Developers today UNITE! And lower the cost, it’s doable! Trust me! What’s realy needed is that WE create great international games, maybe not for free ( could need money for food and stuff ). But way lower than today, a brand new game for 20$ sounds resonable to me. Unite people, and banish the shadows that threaten games all over the world.

“That’s what the article was about… no free software and no freedom… don’t worry the US government will never allow anything that infringes so heavily on personal privacy and capitalism to slide…”

if I were you, I wouldn’t be that sure. the US Goverment has a backdoor to all PCs with TCPA, the USA will even controll the Internet, why shouldn’t they support TCPA?

I think I’ll use linux with a VIA C3 cpu, where I can further code my small opengl-engines and there will be much more people who will chose the freedom… but the rest (the stupid little people, them who buys a 1.7Ghz P4 'cause it has more Mhz than a Athlon 1.5Ghz) will support the TCPA with their supermarked-pcs

and the only way to make them think about this, is to say “hey, you won’t be able to copy any game and any other software, if you use an M$-Os”… it’s pore, isn’t it?


Yes, a free game OS for PCs would be a cool thing. No multitasking overhead, no unneeded drivers loaded thus all the performance for your game. You don’t need a common GUI, so that will save much ressources again. And you could even make it a safe system since games usually don’t need much access to the system components. That’s all done by opengl and the dx-like game api. But I guess that it is a bit of work to get your own OS working…a bit too much work probably